How to watch football match between Audax Italiano and Nublense?


In eight meetings at home, Audax Itliano won three times while Nublense won four.

During the last 21 meetings, Audax Italiano have won 7 matches with 3 draws, while Nublense have won 11 matches. The goal differential is 38-34 in favor of Audax Italiano.

Audax Italiano last defeated Nublense at home in 2011.

In contrast, Nublense has lost in 8 of their previous games. The result of the first match of the league was Eudax Italiano – Nublense 0-0.

As a result of Nulblense’s poor performance, they have not been able to score well in their last four matches.

The chances of Nublense winning are very low compared with Audax Italiano, which wins 33 percent of its football matches.

There will be a match tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. Nublense will need to make a major effort to win tomorrow’s match. It’ll be a difficult challenge, but they have the potential to pull off a surprise victory. Their fate will be decided in the early hours of the morning.

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