Dele Alli mental Health issues..


Dele Alli born on 11April 1996 and raised in Milton Keynes. A versatile and professional footballer who plays English attacker midfielder footballer for premium league club Everton. He has earned a reputation for his quick feet, excellent ball control and passing accuracy, as well as his ability to score goals.

In a recent interview with Gary Neville, he delved into a very deep conversation about his addiction issues, child abuse and mental health issues he struggles.He was so addicted to sleeping pills that he was admitted to rehabilitation clinic in America .Dele revealed a most tragic scene of his childhood that he was molested by his biological mother friend . He spoke about how he was able to rise above the traumas of his past and come out a better person. He also shared how he was able to find a way to manage his addiction and take control of his life. He expressed his belief that everyone can overcome their struggles and find a way to be successful.

He said that he was addicted to sleeping pills and that it is most common among football players. Many people hide their depression and struggles in life they are facing so its better to open up and take therapy from doctors. Talking to a therapist can help address the underlying issues that can lead to addiction. It can also provide the support and guidance needed to help break the cycle of addiction. Seeking professional help is the most effective way to overcome any addiction.

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