Controversial  match ignites Ashes series as Australia takes  over England


On Sunday, Australia defeated England in an ill-tempered Test match to take a 2-0 lead in the Ashes Series this year. The victory was a huge boost for the Australian side, as they now have an unassailable lead in the five-match series. England, on the other hand, will need to win all three remaining matches if they are to reclaim the Ashes. It will be an uphill task for the English side as Australia are now favorites to win the series.

It was going to be a difficult task for England to chase down the remainder of the 371 runs set by their opponent, which was made even more difficult by the controversial dismissal of Jonny Bairstow.

As Bairstow walked down the wicket, he thought the over had been completed, but the ball was thrown at the stumps by Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey, resulting in Bairstow being bowled.

Although Carey’s actions were in compliance with the rules of the game, there have been debates about whether they were in keeping with the spirit of the game. Some argued that Carey’s actions showed a lack of sportsmanship. Others argued that it was simply a strategic move, and any criticism was misplaced. Ultimately, the debate highlighted the importance of understanding the larger context when assessing behavior in any sport.

According to Stokes, if he were in Cummins’ position, he would have withdrawn the appeal.

“If I had the opportunity to win a game in that manner, would I want to do so? The answer is no,” he said

After Barstow’s dismissal, Australia awoke a beast that nobody knew was hidden at Lord’s Cricket Ground. It had previously been a safe place for Australian teams over the years. The team fought back with each player contributing in their own way. The English crowd was silenced as Australia took the lead. The match ultimately ended in a thrilling draw, giving Australia a much needed victory.

Majority of England fans in the stadium were enraged by the decision and began loudly booing the Australian players.

In addition, there were choice words exchanged between Stuart Broad and Carey, with the batsman reportedly telling the wicketkeeper: “That’s all you’ll ever be remembered for.”

Following the match, drama continued off the field as members of Lord’s owner the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) confronted Australian players outside the changing rooms.

According to Cricket Australia, players and staff from the Australian team were verbally abused as they made their way to lunch through the members area.

During a press conference following the game, Australia’s captain Cummins said: “The MCC has apologized for some of the behavior of its members.” It is possible that some of them might lose their membership due to the behavior they are showing .”

According to the MCC, in a statement later on Sunday, “We apologize unconditionally to the Australian Team and will deal with any Member who has not met our standards through our disciplinary process.”.

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