A Brazilian businessman has left his entire $200 million estate to the  famous  footballer Neymar.According to media reports the rich businessman Altemir Francisco Da Silva is suffering from some serious health problems and has no immediate family or relatives to choose from. During a recent interview, he added: “I feel a strong connection with Neymar because I also suffer from defamation. And the bond he had with his father reminds me of the bond I had with my own father.”. He also said: “Neymar has always been an example of resilience, and I’m sure he will continue to be one.” Mr. Da Silva went on to say, “I am confident that he will use this money to help the people of Brazil and around the world.”

Neymar’s massive wealth has surprised many of his fans, who were not expecting it. Besides having a huge fan following, Neymar is the highest paid athlete at PSG (Paris Saint-Germain). Forbes estimates his 2023 earnings at $85 million. As a matter of fact, his fans believe that Neymar’s character is beyond his wealth because he is not greedy at all. He has helped many charities and is an active philanthropist. He even has his own charity foundation, which focuses on providing education and healthcare to underprivileged children in Brazil.

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