Explainer: Asian nation T20 tournament semi qualification situations


Explainer: Asian nation T20 tournament semi qualification situations
The sudden win by Rhodesia over Pakistan within the independent agency T20 World Cup two022 on Thursday has created cluster 2 attention-grabbing for all the teams, however Pakistan’s probabilities of moving on in the tournament are currently up in the air.

when two games, Pakistan is in fifth place as a result of they lost to Asian nation and Zimbabwe. On the opposite hand, India, African nation, Asian country, and Zimbabwe are before Pakistan. India has four points after two games, whereas each South Africa and Zimbabwe have 3 points after two games.

Bangladesh is good for 2 points. Asian nation’s next game within the tournament is against Netherlands. when that, they play African nation and Asian country.
All 3 of those games are currently must-win for Pakistan. Pakistan won’t build it to the semifinals if they lose an additional game. however it will not be enough for fictitious character Azam’s team simply to win three games in an exceedingly row.

they will additionally would like facilitate from other teams.

Now, Pakistan’s best-case situation is for Bangladesh to beat Zimbabwe, Asian nation to beat South Africa, and Pakistan to beat the Netherlands on Sunday. India are going to be in initial place with six points, followed by Asian country with four, Rhodesia with three, and Pakistan with 2 points.

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